Features we want included in Marvel’s Multiverse TTRPG

The release of the Marvel Multiverse TTRPG is so close and gaming fans around the world have their own wish lists for what they want to see. So Let’s Get Shawarma and discuss a few features we really want Marvel to include.

Non MCU established characters to play

WHERE ARE THE X-MEN! WHERE ARE THE FANTASTIC FOUR! Obviously we all know that the above plus countless more characters haven’t yet been seen on the big or small screens but are expected to some time in the future. 

But this isn’t TV or film, it’s a tabletop game, so we’re really REALLY hoping that Marvel gives us the chance to play as characters that haven’t yet featured on screen. Now we know that some X-Men will be playable characters with Marvel already teasing Wolverine and Storm in recent announcements. We just hope they go further and give us access to everyone in Marvel’s back catalogue to build really varied stories like the ones in the comic books.

This goes twice as hard for villains. If we want Wolverine, Daredevil and The Thing fighting Doc Ock, Marvel should give us the tools to make it happen.

Custom character creation mechanics

In another article (which you can find here) we’ve talked about some of the mechanics included in Marvel TTRPGs from the 1980s and one rereading, some of it sounds great. 

You could pick hero backgrounds to inform what type of powers you might have. These included origins like Altered Humans, High-Tech Wonders, Mutants, Robots and Aliens but players were encouraged to talk to their GM about what exactly their powers could be. This was bolstered with a separate rule book containing over 300 extra powers you could choose from.

So we’re hoping that Marvel appreciates that, once players are comfy with the rules, they’ll want to create their own Avengers filled with heroes that they’ve created. We want as much free rein to create as much custom content as possible. Sure it’s fun to play as Spider-Man, but it’s more fun to create your own hero and have them team up!

Make it fresh!

Of course, most people’s introduction to TTRPG games is Dungeons & Dragons. While there are elements of Marvel’s Multiverse TTRPG that are very similar to D&D, namely the stats based character skills and a dice system, we want the Multiverse TTRPG to stand alone.

Of course we want to hero with the best of them, but we also want to balance the life of a hero with that of their mild mannered alter ego. We want this game to really give us a taste of the hero life. What makes some of Marvel’s characters interesting are their struggles with real life as much as with hero life. If we create a brand new hero, being able to explore their relationship with their alter ego is going to be a real USP.

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