Marvel wants your help!

The first Marvel Multiverse TTRPG playtest rulebook will be released March 2022 and Marvel wants your help to make the TTRPG the best ever.

In a recent press release, Marvel has encouraged future players to drop them a line with feedback to improve the game. Since the first rulebook is strictly a playtest the comic book and movie giants want as much information from players as they can get for the first core rulebook.


As for the playtest book released in March 2022, it’ll be over one hundred pages so there’s plenty to get your head around in time for the first core rulebook being released in 2023. The playtest book will also contain stats for existing Marvel heroes, these are based on six new categories called Might, Agility, Resilience, Vigilance, Ego and Logic (yes, it spells MARVEL). On top of that you’ll also get an adventure to play and details on how to navigate creating and playing your own hero.

In the brand new TTRPG you’ll get to roleplay as an existing Marvel hero or, rather more excitingly, play as a brand new hero that you create. You can also build a totally new storyline for that hero to play. There’s also the new 616 dice system that uses 3d6 with special bonuses being given to rolling two 6s and a 1 (because 616, get it?).

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